McD Madness

A day in McDonalds. And when I say a day, it really is A DAY, as in 12 hours sitting there, get it?
So when the freaks eat, we eat the freak's way. Our way.

Our own burger with grape jam and ice cream. :D

Total ewness.. Coffee + pepper + chilli sauce + salt + sprite + pepsi + fries + godknowswhatelse

Actually there's more but the idea of taking picture didn't come up until almost the end of our little "recipe tryout". :( Ow well still we'll patent these recipes and earn big bucks when mcd decides to buy em over from us one day. D8


Weird.. :)

I want the best,
I'm trying my best,
yet should I be blamed,
for being too protective?
Am I wrong for
doing too much?

Spread the Word , Help the World

~*:~*: For once, do something for the world :*~:*~

Left 4 Dead anyone?

Sometimes it sucks to feel being the one who's running non stop alone.

I'm not superhuman,
I can't do this alone.
I'm not asking for much,
just for once I really want to be
the one answering,
not asking.
"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with"

Mark Twain

Funniest Vid from INTI

~*~~*~*MUST WATCH~*~*~*~*~


Heck, this could be my last post for at least a couple of weeks.
Such a hectic schedule leading to test week and finals in a month.

Another sleepless night.
What am I suppose to do?
You appear everywhere I go.
I don't even think you know it
But how am I suppose to tell you then?
God I'm tired, stressed and going mad ...

If only I know what to do . . .

I've the best sister in the world

Second day going out with my parents.
Lots of walking around.
Got tired and pissed for some reason I myself don't know.
Bought more and more things.
Realised I spent more than rm1k in this 2 days.
Don't really know what I did with those money :S

Ah test week is coming and I'm done for. Retake retake. Bye bye everyone I'm gonna retake D:


Waiting for the right time. *ehem*

Am I "blinded"

This is for you Auntie Sue Ann :

Met up with parents after 2 months.
Got a haircut.
Waited 2 hours for a match.
Died a lil inside after the match.
Sitting here having a headache.

More than 5 sentence. 1 day down, 59 left to go. My day is done. Night.

You'll never know how much I wish to tell you what I really think of you.

Marriage is Love. Love is blind. Thus marriage is an institution for the blind.

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