Happy Chinese New Year 2009

As topic~

Coming to the third day of CNY and I'm getting quite sure that it's going to be a not-so-memorable-cuz-nothing-eventful-happened celebration for me this year.. O well.. maybe nothing is blessing afterall.

Anyway truth is I kinda feel disconnected from most of the things in KT nowadays. Maybe it's just because I'm coming back in intervals of couple of month each time and time really pushing away my memories (dependance) somehow..

If you ask me what am I gonna miss most when leaving KT again in a few days I would say it's going to be my parents and then the TV (a lil :\) Don't even think of laughing about the TV thingy. TV is rare in INTI you know?! Get to INTI and camp there for a month+ like me and I swear you'll feel that TV is something you've never seen like 6234823471 years and maybe.... you'll forget how to use it. :D

Ah.. Well.. kinda messed up in teh brains now.. been sitting and running thru news etc for hours and the time is.. 3.16am... early huh...

So... Enjoy your celebration I guess.. (:


:*~:Happy Chinese New Year:~*:



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