After some time...

Quite some eventful things came up yesterday.

Went to KLIA to send off Jean to Aus yesterday evening. Met with Yoo and Yuan after more than a year. (: There were me, Yong Bin, Karen, Jane, San, Hong Lin, Ko Meng, Yuan and Yoo. Well it's really nice to see them after such a long time, everything was kinda like old times. Nobody cried when Jean left tho :p.. She's coming back in June so till then all the best to her.

Before that there was this freggin downpour in INTI before we went to KLIA. Well I did hope for rain cause the weather is unbearable these days, but a blast like that is kind too much :\

I'll leave those as it is, the others would suffice with just memories and thoughts. (:

Photos are in ~

Top from left : Ko Meng, Yong Bin, Me, Hong Lin
Bottom from left : Karen, Jane, Jean, Yuan, San, Yoo

Before I go, some things to note :

1. I need pics from Yoo's camera.
2. Sarah Ng promised to come to INTI to visit us ONE DAY. It's already over a year :\


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